Ducting Supplies Metal Pipes Heating Round Duct (300mm-355mm)

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Ducting Supplies Metal Pipes Heating Round Duct (300mm-355mm)

Ducting Supplies Metal Pipes Heating Round Duct (300mm-355mm), The capacity of spiral pipe to handle high pressures, this efficient airflow characteristic and its low-pressure loss make Spiral pipe ideal for bulk material handling applications.

Dual-wall spiral insulated duct adds both thermal insulating and sound attenuating benefits to any air distribution system. This dual-wall product consists of inner and outer spiral pipes with a layer of glass fiber insulation sandwiched in between, thus reducing noise and conserving energy.

Technical Details:

• Sold in 3-meter lengths as standard ranging from 80mm to 2000mm.

• Non-standard lengths are available subject to a small surcharge.

• All Spiral Pipe has a large end fitting.

• Conforms to specification DW144

• Pipe Diameter: 300mm, Length: 3m

• Pipe Diameter: 315mm, Length: 3m

• Pipe Diameter: 355mm, Length: 3m


• Restaurants

• Churches

• Sports facilities

• Community centers

• Clinics and hospitals

• Schools and universities

• Retail stores and malls

• Community and entertainment facilities

• Office buildings and warehouses