3 Garage Shelving Racking 90cm Storage Units Heavy Duty Metal Shelves 5 Tier Red Racking Bays

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The heavy duty steel shelving system from our racking range is perfect to tidy and organise your warehouse, garden shed, workshop or garage.

The unit is made from tough four layer powder coated 1.2mm heavy duty steel and features strong Z-shaped beams. Combined with a super simple and easy to use key hole lock assemble mechanism means the racking bay will not only be easy to build but will hold a mighty 360KG per shelf - a combined colossal total across five shelves of 1800KG. That is the equivalent weight of an average car - unbelievable.

1. No need to worry about having taller or shorter object to store, the 5 shelves can all be placed at different heights - what an amazing red racking system! 

2. The unit made from unbelievably strong heavy duty 1.2mm thick steel. It is even finished with 4 layers of powder coating, meaning your rack will preserve its bright red colour.

3. Can you stand the pressure? Well the thick MDF shelf boards certainly can.

4. Shelves can bare a load of up to 360kg per shelf - evenly distributed - that is absolutely massive.

5. We understand everybodys need are versatile - well so is the racking! It can be split and separated in half creating two superb workbenches or smaller shelves.

6. 8 moulded feet will provide support and protect the floor.

7. 100% boltless - only requiring the use of a...FREE rubber mallet! What more could you ask for?

8. Overall dimensions of each bay 90cm W x 45cm D x 183cm H.

9. Overall dimensions of bays combined 270cm W x 45cm D x 183cm H.


Condition: New

Unit Dimensions: 90cm x 45cm x 183cm

3 Unit Combined Dimensions: 270cm x 45cm x 183cm

Layers of Powder Coating: 4

Thickness of Metal: 1.2mm